IT Infra Monitoring

IT Infrastructure Monitoring refers to the systematic collection of data within an infrastructure related to networks, servers, applications etc. the collected data is used to provide alerts on unexpected downtime, network intrusion, and resource saturation. They give insight into the status of physical, virtual, and cloud systems and help ensure availability and performance.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring also help organizations with planning for upgrades before outdated systems begin to cause failures & minimise impact on users & business processes. Monitoring helps make operations processes auditable, which is essential for forensic investigations and for getting to the root cause of problems via an RCA (Root Cause Analysis). So, monitoring supports the objective analysis of Operations practices and generally all of IT processes.

Solution Offering
ME OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager an Network Management software(NMS) it is easy-to-use and affordable solution. It monitors network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, servers, VMs, printers, storage devices. OpManager continuously monitors the network and provides an in-depth visibility and control over it.

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ME Application Manager

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an application performance management solution that proactively monitors business applications and helps businesses ensure their revenue-critical applications meet end user expectations. Applications Manager offers out-of-the-box monitoring support for 100+ applications and servers.

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ME NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer, traffic analytics tool, it provides real time visibility into the network bandwidth performance NetFlow Analyzer is a unified solution that collects, analyzes and reports about what network bandwidth is being used for and by whom.

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Quest KACE