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Unified SIEM solution with integrated DLP and CASB capabilities

Log360 is a comprehensive SIEM solution with built-in DLP and CASB features, designed to detect, prioritize, investigate, and respond to security threats. By leveraging threat intelligence, machine learning, and rule-based attack detection, it identifies sophisticated attacks and offers an incident management console for efficient threat remediation. Log360 ensures holistic security visibility across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid networks through advanced analytics and monitoring. The platform centralizes login and login failed attempts data, making it a valuable tool for auditing and compliance purposes across multiple systems and platforms.


Why Log360 ?

ManageEngine Log360 is chosen for its unified SIEM solution, integrating DLP and CASB capabilities. It excels in threat detection, incident management, and provides holistic security visibility across diverse networks. With user-friendly interfaces, compliance support, and cross-platform compatibility, Log360 is a comprehensive and effective choice for organizations seeking robust cybersecurity solutions.

Log360 is available in 2 Editions