Security Information & Event Management

ADAudit Plus

Real-time Active Directory, file, and Windows server change auditing

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is a comprehensive Active Directory (AD) auditing and compliance solution. It provides real-time monitoring, tracking, and reporting on changes and activities within the Active Directory environment. ADAudit Plus helps organizations enhance security, streamline compliance efforts, and investigate incidents effectively. It covers a wide range of audit categories, including user logon/logoff, file and folder changes, GPO changes, and more. The solution also offers pre-built reports, alerting mechanisms, and forensic analysis tools to ensure organizations can maintain a secure and compliant Active Directory environment. Overall, ADAudit Plus is a valuable tool for managing and securing the Active Directory infrastructure.


Why ADAudit Plus ?

Leverage ManageEngine ADAudit Plus to fortify your organization's Active Directory security and compliance posture. This sophisticated solution facilitates real-time monitoring and detailed reporting of all Active Directory changes, enabling proactive threat detection and ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements. With advanced features for forensic analysis and customizable alerting, ADAudit Plus empowers IT professionals to maintain a resilient and compliant Active Directory environment. Elevate your organization's cybersecurity resilience with ADAudit Plus as a cornerstone of your Active Directory management strategy.

ADAudit Plus is available in 2 Editions

  • All features of free edition +
  • Reports and alerts on event log data collected from these licensed components
  • Domain Controllers
  • Azure AD Tenants
  • Windows servers
  • Workstations
  • Windows file servers
  • NAS devices
  • All features of free edition +
  • Account lockout analysis
  • AD permissions change auditing
  • GPO settings change tracking
  • DNS and AD schema change auditing
  • Old and new values of AD object attribute changes
  • Support for MS SQL database
  • And much more