Identity & Access Management

ADManager Plus

Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Exchange management and reporting

ManageEngine AD Manager Plus is a robust Active Directory management solution tailored to simplify and streamline administrative tasks. It encompasses features such as user provisioning, group management, password management, and administrative task delegation. Through its intuitive interface and automation capabilities, AD Manager Plus empowers IT administrators with comprehensive control over Active Directory environments, facilitating efficiency, security enhancement, and compliance assurance. Its seamless integration with other ManageEngine products further augments its utility, offering a unified approach to IT infrastructure management. In summary, AD Manager Plus stands as a powerful tool for organizations seeking to efficiently manage their Active Directory environment and optimize administrative workflows.


Why choose ManageEngine AD Manager Plus?

Choose ManageEngine AD Manager Plus for streamlined Active Directory management tasks, including user provisioning, group management, password management, and administrative delegation. Benefit from its intuitive interface, automation capabilities, and role-based security model for efficient management of security permissions. Gain insights with comprehensive reporting and seamlessly integrate with other ManageEngine products for a unified IT management solution. With ManageEngine AD Manager Plus, ensure smooth and secure Active Directory management while enhancing operational efficiency.

Key features of ManageEngine AD Manager Plus include

User Provisioning

Simplify user creation, modification, and deletion processes in Active Directory

Group Management

Easily manage group memberships, create or delete groups, and perform bulk group operations.

Password Management

Enable self-service password reset, enforce password policies, and automate password resets.

Administrative Task Delegation

Delegate administrative tasks to help desk technicians or non-administrative users while maintaining security.

Role-based Security Model

Implement granular access controls based on roles and responsibilities to ensure security and compliance.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate detailed reports on Active Directory objects, user activities, and compliance status for auditing and analysis purposes.


Automate repetitive tasks and workflows to improve efficiency and reduce manual intervention.


Seamlessly integrate with other ManageEngine products and third-party solutions for a unified IT management experience.

Web-based Interface

Access the solution through a web-based interface, allowing for easy management from anywhere with internet access.

Auditing and Compliance

Track changes made to Active Directory objects, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and maintain a secure environment.

ADAudit Plus is available in 2 Editions

  • 200+ Active Directory reports
  • Active Directory user management
  • Active Directory computer management
  • Multiple domain management
  • Basic help desk delegation
  • Microsoft 365 management and reporting
  • Exchange Server management and reporting
  • Integration with ITSM and SIEM applications
  • Backup and recovery +Add-on
  • All features of free edition
  • AD Migration
  • Granular help desk delegation
  • File server management
  • AD group, OU, contact, and GPO management
  • Reports scheduling
  • OU-based administration
  • Workflow
  • Automation with orchestration capabilities
  • Integration with HCM applications
  • Load Balancing
  • Load Balancing
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance +Add-on
  • Backup and recovery +Add-on