Unified Endpoint Management and Security

Device Control Plus

Data loss prevention for peripheral devices

ManageEngine Device Control Plus is a sophisticated device control and file access management solution, meticulously crafted for IT professionals seeking heightened control over their organizational endpoints. This comprehensive tool enables precise regulation, blocking, and monitoring of USB and peripheral devices to thwart unauthorized access to sensitive data, ensuring absolute protection against insider attacks. With an emphasis on zero data loss and optimized security budgets, Device Control Plus empowers IT teams with granular control, policy enforcement, and real-time monitoring capabilities. This robust solution ensures a proactive and secure computing environment, allowing organizations to efficiently manage and safeguard their endpoints.


Why Device Control Plus ?

Choose ManageEngine Device Control Plus for a comprehensive, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution to fortify your organization's data security and endpoint management.

Comprehensive Device Control

Gain granular control over USB and peripheral devices to regulate access and prevent unauthorized data transfers.

Data Protection

Mitigate insider threats and achieve zero data loss with robust controls and monitoring mechanisms in place.

Cost-Effective Security

Optimize your security budget with a solution that effectively safeguards sensitive data and prevents security breaches.

Efficient Policy Enforcement

Define and enforce policies to ensure compliance and enhance overall data security within your organization.

Real-time Monitoring

Stay informed with real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing proactive responses to potential security risks.

Endpoint Security

Empower IT teams to maintain control over endpoint devices, ensuring a secure and proactive computing environment.

User-Friendly Interface

Benefit from a user-friendly console that simplifies device control and file access management for IT professionals.

Device Control Plus is available in 3 Editions

  • Suitable for SMBs
  • Fully functional
  • Manage up to 25 endpoints free forever
  • Vulnerability scanning and assessment
  • System misconfiguration detection
  • High-risk software detection
  • Detection and resolution of server misconfigurations
  • Vulnerability reports
  • Professional Edition features
  • Secure configuration deployment
  • Compliance
  • Automated Patch deployment
  • Test and approve patches
  • High-risk software uninstallation
  • Zero-day vulnerability mitigation