Unified Endpoint Management and Security

Application Control Plus

Software discovery and endpoint privilege management

ManageEngine Application Control Plus is a sophisticated application control and privilege management solution designed to fortify organizational cybersecurity. This comprehensive tool empowers IT professionals with granular control over application usage, allowing them to define and enforce policies that prevent unauthorized applications from running on endpoints.


Why choose ManageEngine application control plus?

choose ManageEngine Application Control Plus for several reasons

Comprehensive Application Control

It provides granular control over application usage, allowing you to define and enforce policies to prevent unauthorized applications from running on endpoints.

Automated Management

The solution automates the placement of applications in allowlists and blocklists based on specified control rules, streamlining the management process.

Endpoint Privilege Management

Enhanced with Endpoint Privilege Management features, it enables organizations to establish the principle of least privilege (PoLP) and Zero Trust, ensuring only authorized access to applications and related privileges.

Strengthened Security Stance

By effectively controlling application usage, it helps minimize security risks and maintains a secure and compliant computing environment, ultimately bolstering your organization's cybersecurity posture.

Key Features

Granular Application Control

Exercise precise control over the execution of applications, restricting unauthorized software and mitigating potential security risks.

Privilege Management

Implement robust privilege management mechanisms to control user access and restrict applications based on user roles and permissions.

Policy Enforcement

Define and enforce policies to maintain compliance, ensuring a secure computing environment and minimizing the risk of security breaches.

Threat Mitigation

Enhance security posture by proactively mitigating potential threats arising from unapproved or malicious applications.

Real-time Monitoring

Benefit from real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing prompt identification and response to unauthorized application activities.

Audit and Reporting

Facilitate compliance audits with detailed reporting on application usage, permissions, and security events.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate an intuitive interface that simplifies application control and privilege management, streamlining the efforts of IT professionals.

Application Control Plus is available in 3 Editions

  • Suitable for SMBs
  • Fully functional
  • Manage up to 25 endpoints free forever
  • Vulnerability scanning and assessment
  • System misconfiguration detection
  • High-risk software detection
  • Detection and resolution of server misconfigurations
  • Vulnerability reports
  • Professional Edition features
  • Secure configuration deployment
  • Compliance
  • Automated Patch deployment
  • Test and approve patches
  • High-risk software uninstallation
  • Zero-day vulnerability mitigation