Privacy Policy:
  1. Name, emai id, mailing address, phone number, we will never display these personal information publicly on our website or we share these information to any third party unless asked by you or required by the governing law.

    From time to time to keep updating & improving our services we may ask from you for some further personal information, these personal information will be stored securely with us & will not be shared to any third party.

    We automatically gather information related to you such as IP address of your computer, your visit history to our website, redirection links to the third party websites through our website, we use these details to send you information based upon your preferences, account administration, resolution of service requests, marketing research & analysis etc.

  2. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website to the user's browser whenever the user loads the website from his web browser. Whenever the user loads the website, the web browser sends the cookies back to website to notify about the user's past activities. Cookies don't contain any of your personal information.

    We use both Session Cookies (automatically gets deleted from the browser at the end of a session) and Persistent Cookies (contains specific duration after that it gets deleted from the browser).

    We use cookies to allow you to enter password less frequently & to gather information to serve your better as per your preferences.

    Users are free to decline the cookies if the browser permits but in such a user will not be able to user certain features of the website, user will also be asked to re-enter the password more frequently.

  3. We have links to various third party websites, but we are not liable for the Privacy Policies of any of these third party websites.

  4. We make a call to our visitor to gather additional information from them regarding their requirements. We call to our user to inform them about renewal information, product & service expiry notification etc.

    Apart from notifications calls we also do marketing calls to our visitor/ user to inform them about our products & services.

  5. We use email to send notifications to our visitors / users on various instances such as to inform them about renewal information, product & service expiry etc.

    Apart from notifications emails we also send promotional mails from time to time to our visitors / users, which can be unsubscribed by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email.

    We also send subscription email to the users subscribed to it, this can also be unsubscribed by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email.

  6. Kindly Contact Us for any of your concerns.